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June 11, 2020|11:00 AM

The Science & Application of Human Resiliency

The workshop will focus on human resiliency from a brain-first model and explore how movement/exercise, nutrition/hydration, and rest and recovery protect and enhance our innate resiliency.

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The book that inspired the conference

The Brain Always Wins

Why hold a sports science conference based on a book?

Because so many people asked us to!

As The Brain Always Wins brings science to life in an engaging, accessible and practical way, it appealed instantly to a broad audience keen to learn about brain health and management and the role it plays in enhanced human performance and well-being.

This interest led to many requesting that we address the often forgotten and misrepresented aspect of the brain in sport.

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John Sullivan

Sport Scientist and Clinical Sport Psychologist

Meet the Team

Chris Parker

Lecturer in Sports Science and Management
Author, Educator, Consultant

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