The Brain Always Wins

Improving your life through better brain management

John Sullivan and Chris Parker

The Brain Always Wins is the practical guide to improving your life through better brain management.

It is based on one simple fact: our brain determines our health and ability to perform; everything else is part of a complimentary process.

So if you want to improve any – or all – aspects of your life, from professional to personal and anything in-between, The Brain Always Wins will show you how.


"In the excellent book Dr. Sullivan brings together the most recent advances in research and practical strategies-there is an abundance of both intellectual and human information that you can apply to everyday life."

Dr. Shona Halson

Associate Professor in the School of Behavioral and Health Sciences at Australian Catholic University and formerly Senior Recovery Physiologist Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

"'The Brain Always Wins’ is more than a book; it’s an investment in your life and everything you care about. Believe me – it’s a game changer!"

Jeff Nichols CSCS

Exercise Physiologist – Former Navy SEAL